Beyond the Frenzy of the Political Season Upon Us


Jolaade Ifeoluwayimika

The second semester is one during which a lot of political activities take place, and as a result, there has been a noticeable uptick in political activity on campus. Everywhere one looks, fliers bearing coded messages from hopeful candidates can be found plastered to walls, affixed to bulletin boards and getting shared on social media platforms—this surge in visual representation heralds an atmosphere teeming with anticipation for transformative new leadership. During such periods bustling with proposals and promises alike; politically-minded students strive to mobilize their fellow students accordingly by winning over trust and support through various ways. This particular time frame amplifies political engagement to an unprecedented level making every UIte come face-to-face with multiple choices that inevitably determine who spearheads future decision-making in the students’ body.

During this intense election period, individuals planning to run for leadership positions use any possible means to engage with students and create relationships that might not have existed otherwise. They make assurances about creating a responsive administration that represents student voices and protects their rights. Despite these promises sounding sincere, it is challenging to determine how authentic they truly are, only time can ultimately reveal the answer.

During this bustling season, students become more uncertain and eager due to the heightened emotional atmosphere. The surge of political activities leads to increased student engagement which makes the campus pulsate with energy. This period focuses on selecting individuals who are deemed most suitable for representing the collective will of the student body during this crucial time.

The excitement surrounding the campaign goes beyond conventional methods and is evident in lively parades that energize and rejuvenate students. The use of social media is also employed by these hopefuls in pursuit of their ambition. While it is a thrilling and exciting time of year, all students— especially AFASites— must approach the situation thoughtfully with a balanced perspective.

Amidst the excitement, it is vital to resist falling prey to fleeting emotions. The temporary craze should not detract from the importance of a thoughtful and deliberate method. Students must proceed with care when scouting through an array of election-related data as endorsement may vary in reliability or precision. A judicious examination becomes crucial to avoid being swayed by partial perspectives.

A meaningful message is conveyed to hopeful student leaders, emphasising the significance of being genuine in their pledges. Though making impractical promises might yield votes momentarily, it can lead to significant consequences down the line. This truth is evident from current authorities who failed to deliver on campaign commitments and produce tangible outcomes. The electoral process takes an ironic turn as a result of unmet hopes and expectations.

With political fervour escalating on campus, there is a pressing need for an informed and judicious electorate. The forthcoming election must set the precedent for comprehensive deliberation aimed at enhancing transparency and accountability in governance through active student participation. This way, the chaotic environment of electoral campaigns can be transformed into constructive action resulting in substantive development and enduring transformation within the University of Ibadan community.

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