ASES Beats CLA 1-0 in the Second Round of the Sigma Cup League


Veronica Giwa

The departments of CLA and European Studies had a face-off in the female category of the Sigma Cup League on Friday, January 26, 2024. European Studies took the lead early enough after scoring a goal in the first half and maintained the win till the end of the match.

The two teams moved on to play each other in the second round of the competition after beating their contenders in the first round— Religious Studies and Early Childhood Education, respectively.

The lone goal of the match was scored towards the end of the first half by ASES (European Studies) no 16. The goal, which could not be denied by the CLA defender and goalie, helped the ASES team seal their second win in the competition.

In addition, the goal could be said to be a result of the inability of the CLA team to make a swift substitute after their striker, who sustained an injury, left the field.

Every attempt made by the CLA team to equalize proved abortive till the referee blew the final whistle, with European Studies bagging the win.

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