Evidence put forth by the Investigative Committee on the funds retrieved by the former clerk and Deputy Clerk of the house has shown that the yet-to-officially resign Speaker of the house, Hon. Peter Olagunju, had made no signatory on the advanced budget presented to the executives for the funds.

What was, however, shown to the house was a printed Whatsapp conversation transpiring between the President of the Association, Mr. Daniel Anagwaonye and Hon. Peter Olagunju to request for the needed funds in order to run the activities of the house pending the ratification of their budgets.

The advance budget, which was passed forth without the knowledge and approval of the house, also had in absentia the official stamp of the house.

While deliberations were made on the genuine involvement of Hon. Peter Olangunju in this scheme, recommendation was brought up by the Investigative Committee chairman, Salahudeen Mohammed, to suspend  the financial secretary for failing to acknowledge the absence of Hon. Peter Olagunju’s signatory and official stamp of the house in the budget.

Newly sworn in Speaker of the house, Hon. Olumide Osinuga, had, however, given a thoughtful attention to opinions by members of the house to overrule the recommendation as the financial secretary must have been oblivious to this knowledge and had shown that he had learnt his lessons.

Meanwhile, resolution was reached by the house to have the funds retrieved by the clerk and Deputy clerk refunded in no later than two weeks.

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