Name: Azeezat Okunlola Olayinka
Department: Classics
Best Friend: Myself
Best food: Yam and palm oil
Best color: Blue
State of origin: Oyo
Philosophy of life: Hunger for success like it’s the very oxygen you breathe.
Dream job: UI/UX designer & Digital Content Strategist
Journey so far: I can say I’ve taken some significant steps towards achieving my goals, not just as regards my career, but also regarding personality building. I’ve broken some records, met crazy intellectuals I look up to and I can say I am on track. I’m a blogger, an author, a columnist, a digital media executive and content strategist at Jetheights Services limited, I’m also part of the creative arm a, I am experienced in the art of web designing and I’m on the ladder of UI/UX design. It’s been an amazing journey, and I do not see it ending soon.
Age: June 19th 1999…yes, I’m 20!
What is your opinion on the state of things in Faculty of Arts: Sincerely? I’m disappointed. I believe the faculty of arts should be able to offer more, not just in terms of academics, but in the area of exposure to the outside world, because let’s face it, the school is a mirage. And it’s sad that we aren’t fully enlightened or equipped for the mad storm awaiting us out there.
Any other thing you’d like to say: I’ll like to say that it’s high time we truly began our journey towards what we want to actually do with our lives, beyond cramming one course code or the other. Don’t get me wrong, school is amazing, a very brilliant concept. But then school is supposed to refine us, modify our dreams and equip us with the necessary tools to survive out there. But that isn’t the case. If we would be realistic, ‘book’ is good for you if only you want to lecture, especially if you find yourself in the faculty of art. The truth is, if all you’ve got to offer is 4 long years of study and no skills to contribute to the welfare of any organization, and then it’s all useless.

Interview credit: AJUWON RODIAT

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