After an earlier report that stated that the order on the payment of dues was reversed in compliance with SU’s order, the president of the Association of Faculty of Arts Students has said the order was a unanimous decision by the Executive, the FLC and the faculty management. Here, he reveals why the order was reversed.

“We reversed the decision in order to give fresher’s the liberty to decide what to pay for besides basic due. However, we are encouraging them to deem other things ( Id card, shirt, dinner and excursion ) fit to be paid for .

These things have been useful for many returning students including myself and it will be useful to them as fresh Students. ID cards and shirts are part of our means of identification in and outside UI. In 300 Level, it was necessary for me  to attend a program in PortHarcout and I had to take a local flight at MM2 in Lagos and I needed a means of Identification before I could be allowed to proceed to the flight waiting point. The only IDcard left with me was the AFAS ID card. I presented it as my means of Identification and it was accepted. I rock my shirt in and outside Faculty of Arts and University of Ibadan because it is my faculty and I am proud of her.

Dinner is a time to relax and have a nice time after several serious reading hours during examination, same with excursion. 

It is necessary to be a beneficiary of ID card, shirt, dinner and excursion offered by the faculty. As an AFASite, a UIte and a Nigerian student, they are part of the things that add to our experiences and make them wonderful.

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