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The AFAS female football is one of the best and one of the most surprising in the university of Ibadan. It has its moments. It is worthy to note that AFAS Female football has grown beyond the normal boundaries of amateur football. It has transcended into something more than that. The AFAS female super 4 just goes on to prove this point. Here are some notable highlights from the competition;
New players introduced
In this year’s AFAS female Super 4, we saw the introduction of new players into the competition. It clearly showed that AFAS has moved from the old guard to the new guards. New guards that can be future stars of the competition. Archaeology and Anthropology had some new players in their squad. Their keeper was new and some of their outfield players were relatively new. The new players were able to successfully blend into the Anthropology team. They played their hearts out during the match. There were introduction of new players from CLA. Arewa, the Number 8 of the department, made her debut in the competition. It was a solid performance from her. European studies also had some new players in the mix. They were also able to blend in the team.
There were series of walk-over in the competition. First, it was in the European studies vs History match. The History players refused to show up for the match reportedly because their star player Mariam was not available. The match was declared a walk over for History. European studies won the game 3-0, their easiest win. The third-place match also did not take place as neither the History and Anthropology team were found on the pitch. The game was not played at all. The walk over favoured European Studies as they only played one game out of two.
Incredible goals
All the full matches played including the finals provided incredible goals. CLA vs Anthropology saw Enitan a player from CLA score a wonderful goal via a volley from her right foot. In the final, we saw another player from CLA score another brilliant goal in the final. She dribbled past three European studies players to place the ball the bottom right corner. It was a season of incredible goals. This shows how the faculty female football has grown over the years.
Solid defending
As the Inter faculty competition gets close, Coaches of the faculty female football team were able to see the solid defenders we have in the faculty. It was very visible in the competition. The defences of CLA and Anthropology were both very solid. Anthropology defence restricted the CLA attack to just one goal. They minimised the opportunities for CLA. The CLA defence were also strong. They denied most goalscoring chances for the Anthropology side. Anthropology was not able to score at all. In the final, the defence of both sides CLA and European studies were strong. The CLA defence prevented European studies from scoring. Both defences were at their full strength. CLA did not concede a single goal in the competition. They kept clean sheets both in the semi-finals and finals.

Brillant keepers
The keepers in the competition were amazing. Abiodun, the keeper of CLA was astounding in the competition. She made a brilliant save against Anthropology. She also did not concede a single goal in the competition. The European studies keeper was also good. She saved a penalty in the final. She also made several brilliant saves to keep the score line at 2-0.

Brilliant players
The players who played in the competition were brilliant and amazing. Vero, the defender of CLA, did a brilliant job in the defence. Favour, defender for CLA put in a woman of the match performance in the competition. Dara, Lade and Enitan, all players from CLA put in a brilliant shift at the competition. The Anthropology players were also amazing. Lois the number 5 of Anthropology stood out among the rest. She was the best player of her team. The European studies also had brilliant players. Solace and Victoria were the standout from their team. Victoria and Solace completed the most dribbles in the final. They were very brilliant in the finals.

The AFAS Super 4 gave us a glimpse of what we are to expect in the AFAS Dean’s cup. The excitement, flair and action in the AFAS Dean’s cup will surely be unrivalled. The Female football teams are ready!!!

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