By AbdulKabeer Tijani

On Thursday, October 7th, one Aderibigbe Wasiu in a blog post, claimed that the Special Assistant to the Governor of Oyo on students affairs, Hon. Victor Olojede is trying to influence the coming Students’ Union election of the University of Ibadan. This move according to the post, is in a bid to favour a particular presidential aspirant.

The blogger claimed that Olojede has been engaging the students leaders of the Faculty of Arts to woo them into supporting and endorsing a candidate.


Mr. Oloyede has been observed to be supportive of Student leaders in the University of Ibadan. He did not only renovated the executive office of the Association of Faculty of Arts Students (AFAS), he also participated the Students’ Union gyration, solidifying his place as a true son of the soil.

As the Students’ Union election draws near, many students wonder if this honourable has any interest in who becomes the next Students’ Union President. It is heard through the grapevine that he is trying to influence the outcome of the election, as part of the re-election plan of his principal.

For instance, some sources have claimed that during the commissioning of the Association of Faculty of Arts Students (AFAS) secretariat, the President, Eniola Francis, who heads the executive council, was at some point during the commissioning, seen alongside the Special Assistant, wearing matching vests that advertised Governor Seyi Makinde.

This is mere propaganda – Eniola Francis, Faculty of Arts President.

When contacted for comments on the allegation, Mr. Franics explained that the blog post is mere propaganda and a move to ridicule “the good reputation and outstanding performance of Honourable Victor Olojede.”

He noted that Mr. Oloyede has done “marvellous” things even beyond the Faculty while emphasizing that many of what the Special Adviser has done at the student union level are geared towards selfless services as an alumnus of the school and the Faculty of Arts.

“Let it be clearly known by Intellectual University of Ibadan students that at no point did Hon Victor Olojede converse with me about any candidate nor did he trade his sponsorship to AFAS for any candidate contesting for University of Ibadan Students’ Union presidency.”

This allegation is an effort by foes of Afas to truncate the good relationship between Hon Victor and Afas and to also demean his name. All that Hon Victor Olojede has done for Afas has no political undertone. He only gave back to the association, his alma mater which impacted him positively while he was an undergraduate University of Ibadan.” Francis added.

Olabiyi Idris, Secretary to SU electoral commission debunks alleged influence of Hon. Olojede in SU election.

In an interview with the secretary to the electoral commission, Olabiyi Idris, he debunked the rumour that the SA is trying to influence the outcome of Saturday’s election.

Mr. Idris noted that the SA had never approached the commission.

“The SA has never approached us at any time. Anything you hear is mere propaganda. He didn’t even know us before. He might have a connection with the current Students’ Union administration but the electoral commission, I can say it anywhere. I have never seen him before.” He said.

While the contributions of Hon. Olojede to the students’ union, Faculty of Arts, and the university community may not be disconnected from his tie as an alumnus of this institution and perhaps, the duties expected of his office as the special assistant to the Governor of Oyo State on students affairs, there is no substantial evidence to prove he is trying to influence the outcome of the SU elections.

The ways of politicians are often clandestine. However, we hope that the electorate are well informed to make the right choice on Saturday.

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