FLC Apologises to the Financial Secretary of AFAS


By Olamilekan Mashika

The Faculty Legislative Council (FLC) of AFAS has issued a letter of apology to the financial secretary, Miss Peniel Daniel on Friday, 1 October, 2021, on grounds that the word ‘misappropriation’ is not appropriate since the financial account of the association is balanced.

This was after the ‘misappropriation’ claim of the audit committee against the financial secretary about four weeks ago when the FLC agreed to summon the financial secretary over a claim of misappropriation of the association’s funds as a result of some unapproved transactions on the financial record of the association albeit the books of the association was balanced.

However, on Friday, the FLC retracted its statement and sent a letter of apology to the financial secretary. This was after the financial secretary explained how the unapproved transactions came to be in the first place. She stated that some Afasites paid more than they are supposed to pay for their dues and their money was refunded and this accounted for a large part of the unapproved transactions. Also, transport to the bank and the printing of form for ID card registration, and POS charges made up the other part of the unapproved transactions.

In the plenary session that held on Friday, the financial secretary, answering her summon, asked the house to publicly broadcast the apology and put it in their resolution, as she is aspiring for the position of the Treasurer at the Student Union level and that propaganda could be used against her.

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