FLC Disapproval of Sports Budget: what next for AFAS Sports?


Praise Olorunfemi

Just last week, a publication from the sports desk was released pertaining to the anticipated Super 4 competition, and an unveiling of a new kind of competition: the inter-level competition. The anticipated period or time of these two competitions was toward the 4th and 5th week of the semester. However, with the outcome of the FLC meeting held on Thursday, 3rd of November, it appears it may take quite a later period than the 4th or 5th week, before the commencing of these competitions.

Reasons for the Uncertainty

During the FLC sitting on Thursday, the budget presented by the Sports director for the Super 4 cup was thrown out by the house, on account of the budget not being presentable to the house. The FLC spotted a number of inappropriateness in the presentation of the budget, so much so that it could not be overlooked. The following are the reasons the house bitterly complained about: It had no signature(s) appended on it, it had no date, it had neither the address of the faculty nor the house. In fact, the house in its own words stated that. For the sake of clarity, the house went ahead to further explain why such a budget in such a state was and is not going to be approved, “…because of the constant attitude of some of the executive members in failing to properly prepare a budget worthy of the House’s scrutiny”.

Furthermore, the house states that “The addresses, date and the signature serve critical referential purposes. In the absence of any of these, should any problem arise in the future (as it always does), it would be difficult to point fingers to any specific body or individual. The budget might as well be made for wrapping akara balls.” Hence, still in a bid for clarity, the house made it known that “… this strict reaction of the House to the budget was not merely out of caprice…”

What does it hold for AFAS Sports?

The decision of the house would most likely leave everyone hanging as regards if the planned sporting events would hold or not. For an event that had a likelihood of being held in the 4th or 5th week, this certainly acts as a drawback to the likely date of the event. But it is undeniable that AFASites cannot wait to resume sporting activities and return to the days of searching for bragging rights and departmental glory. This might have to wait a bit.

At this point, the press reached out to the Sports director to hear from him on the development of the competitions, or the latest update on what to expect stating the fact that although the budget for the super-4 cup and the inter-level competition has not been approved, fixtures for both competitions have been released. To which he responded that, “It hasn’t been approved but everything would be settled soon”. Hence, based on how the situation seems, should AFASites still anticipate the commencement of the Super 4 cup and Inter-level competition anytime soon? Only time will tell.

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