Prime’s Impeachment Saga Tops CPS Meeting as Council Sets to Intervene


Olanshile Ogunrinu

The council of Presidents and Secretaries of the Association of Faculty of Arts Students (AFAS) held its meeting on Friday to deliberate on contemporary issues in the faculty. The meeting which was later shifted from its scheduled venue started around 4:30pm with the Presidents of the department of European studies, Religious studies, Archeology and Anthropology, History, Communication and language arts, Philosophy, Classics, Linguistics, Music, English present, and the secretaries of English, Linguistics, Classics, Communication and language arts, Philosophy, Religious studies, Archeology and Anthropology, Arabic and Islamic studies and the secretary of the department of European studies.

The chairman, President of European studies department, started by reaffirming the article 13(iv) of the AFAS constitution which states that the CPS shall “play the role arbiter in the case of settling disputes between the AFAS Executive Council and the FLC, and in line with the FLC and settle disputes among students or between students within or outside the faculty.” Premising on the constitutional backing, the chairman raised the issue of the Impeachment of the Sports Director of the faculty, Comrade Israel Alawiye, alias Prime, while reminding the council of its constitutional responsibility to conduct a bye-election 2 weeks after a position in the Executive council has been declared vacant by the FLC. The chairman gave detailed background of the event that preceded the impeachment and admonished members of the council to take cognisance of the fact that Afasites believe in the CPS and must make a decision that will be favourable to all Afasites.

The conversation ignited with the President of the department of Philosophy, the impeached Sports Director’s constituency, who appeared to come prepared to defend one of her own, even though she made it clear that her position is premised on a neutral and logical point of view. She cautioned the CPS to carefully investigate the issue to ensure it is not a case of some power intoxicated people using power blindly. She called attention to the blatancy of the executive president to entertain the motion raised by AFASites at the Congress against the impeachment of AFAS. She also questioned the process that led to the impeachment of the sports director. While reacting to Prime’s taciturnity in defending self at the FLC sitting, she asserted that that could be due to that fact that the sports director was tense.

Buttressing her stance, the Secretary General of the department of Philosophy also noted how AFAS president shunned every motion for Prime’s case to be discussed at the congress; he also noted AFAS FLC speaker’s complicity. In his opinion, the president of the department of History posited that the possibility of bad blood between the Executives must be investigated because it is evident that all is not well between the Executive arm. Confirming the assertion, president of Archaeology and Anthropology confirmed that there is an atmosphere of hatred around Prime in the executive council; he mentioned some instances that he had experienced that affirmed that.

Concerns were also raised by the council about the letter of undertaking signed by the sports director. The council unanimously agreed that the conditions are too harsh and also questioned why the letter has no witness’ signature and also not on a formal letterhead. The council also questioned why the executive president presided over the congress and why the impeachment was not included in the agenda of the congress and why he did not entertain requests by Afasites raising it?

The council resolved to intervene in the issue by having a discussion with the Faculty’s legislative council (FLC) and the Executive council.

Electoral Commission

As part of its constitutional duties to constitute the electoral commission, the council implored the presidents of the departments to nominate someone from their various departments to be part of the electoral commission for the forthcoming AFAS general elections by Tuesday, 4th of April.

CPS Summit

The council announced its plans for a summit that will be beneficial to all Afasites. The chairman pointed that the council will pay a visit to the Special Adviser on Students’ affairs to Oyo state governor, Hon. Victor Olojede towards actualising the plans for the meeting. Career talks, leadership and mentorship sessions are parts of the summit and departments of the faculty are to pay five thousand naira (N5000) each and letter to the effect will be issued.

Classics, CLA, Linguistics and NASELS joint entrepreneurship program

The chairman highlighted that he has been inundated with messages from people who seek to know what is going on in the CPS when only four departments in the faculty are jointly organising an entrepreneurship program for students without carrying others along. The chairman stressed that it is giving a signal that there is a problem between the CPS, and the departments involved were asked to explain. Speaking for the collaborating departments, the President of the department of Communication and Language arts said the departments were able to collaborate because it resonates with what they are already planning and that it is intended for all Afasites.

AFAS basic dues

The chairman raised the issue of the low number of Afasites who have made payment of basic dues and urged the presidents and secretaries to encourage students in their departments to pay the basic due. The presidents however responded that the status quo is same in their various departments.

CPS Spokesperson

The chairman observed that there is a need for the CPS to have a spokesperson who will speak for the council during engagements with the faculty. The general Secretary of the department of Philosophy, Mr. Taofiq was announced as the CPS Spokesperson.

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