Different types of students when taking notes in class


This class is boring! That was the only thing on my mind as I tried to put words together to form a comprehensive note. In my mind, I was at home eating chicken in my father’s house. The struggle is real. The lecturer finally stopped speaking, perhaps, to catch his breath, and I had the opportunity to look around the class at other students. My dia, if shock was a person!!!

What my eyes saw, my mouth cannot say it outside. But I will write it. Here are the different types of students I noticed:

  1. The sleepers

They even sound like slippers, because they don’t deserve respect. They come first because na dem dey muzz me pass. Whattt!? You’re sleeping your school fees away? The class is boring, I agree, but even though…even though…

Week 8 o! Dey play. Just dey play.

  1. The fast ones

Before the words even leave the mouths of the lecturer, they have already written them down. When the lecturer is not even talking they are writing. When you see them, you should kneel and bow and roll before them.
They know what they have and they are proud of it. You can’t touch their notes anyhow; you’ll fall and die.

  1. The slow ones
    There is only one thing admirable about this set of students; they know their flaws so they sort them out before the class by sitting with the fast ones.

They are also very humble. If the fast writers tell them to die, they die. My heart goes out to you.

May you not see something like that again.

  1. The ones that never hear
    About these ones, words are plenty in the book of kobo. The most painful part is that they even sit in front of the class. It makes you wonder if they never thought sitting at the back could aid better hearing.

Get out of here!!!

  1. The organized ones
    Sighs in wazzuldizzz! If you are wondering where your classmates in secondary school who ruled with red pen ended up, you’ll find them here. I always want to slap them. But I can’t, because this is my table.

When everyone is struggling to hear the lecturer and rush the words, they are ruling blue lines and highlighting words. But you can’t even be angry with them, because somehow they always have complete notes and in the end, their notes are more appealing to copy from.

  1. The typers
    Na show. Just for show. Because Ope just got a new iPhone 13 and all of you must know. He even wanted to tell the lecturer he can’t hear, he pointed his iPhone at him.

See, let me not talk.

  1. The rubbish-writers
    We know that they heard what the lecturers said because they never complain. But when you look at their notes, you begin to wonder why the road that leads to Paris is down a path that boils soft eba.

You’re confused abi? Yes. That’s what their notes look like.

  1. The recorders
    Most lecturers detest being recorded, but these ones have an album for each course. Nobody understands how they do it. They are the real MP3s. They never listen to the recordings, though. They just brag with it.

Make I go write my notes. One man for himself; trust nobody. Pizzaut!

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