Congress reinstates suspended President, declares the “newly amended constitution” as “invalid”


Lawal Maruf

The suspended Association of faculty of Art’s President, Akinyoola Emmanuel has been reinstated in a Congress held on Wednesday, May 24,2023 at the faculty of arts’ large lecture theater. Following his reinstatement, he subsequently presided over the Congress which has hitherto been earlier presided over by the acting president, Olorunfemi Olajumoke.

The motion for his reinstatement was raised by the president of the department of European studies, Temitope Bankole stating that there has been some hindrances in the smooth running of the association and delay in executing some projects due to the suspension of the president.

In support of the motion, congressman Nnamdi from the Music constituency moved the motion that “the president’s suspension should be outrightly overruled” which was also seconded by congressman Afolabi Julius.

Regarding the “newly amended constitution”, the Congress raised a petition against it, citing various ‘flaws’ which dominated the constitution which ranges from the restriction of the post of treasurer and financial secretary to only 200level and scrapping of the CPS as raised by congressman Akano Opeyemi Julius from the linguistics constituency. While congressman Lawal Daniel petitioned against restricting the post of the social director to only 200level.

Also, congressman Temitope Bankole called the attention of the congress to the letter of denunciation written by one of the constitution review committee, Adeniyi Emmanuel Ayobami, a 400level student of the department of History where he publicly denounced being the member of the committee on the ground that the process of the amendment of the constitution is “unconstitutional” and the constitution should be “invalid”.

In response to the petitions, the chairman of the constitution review committee, Rt Hon Olasoji Akindejoye maintained that the amended constitution was not a one-man decision as the committee comprised the speaker of the FLC, deputy speaker, AFAS president and vice president, and each representative from each level. He also stated that the FLC has the power pass a bill into law because the president failed to assent it within five working days without any reasons given to the FLC which is in accordance with the Article 24 (A) (vii) (viii) of the AFAS constitution.

The motion for the invalidation of the “newly amended constitution” was later moved by congressman Nnamdi and seconded by congressman Bello on the ground that there are many flaws in it.
While giving his speech, Afas President, Akinyoola Emmanuel, appreciated Afasites for his reinstatement and maintained that that the “supposed amended constitution” has been declared “invalid” by the Congress and “it has no binding in the affairs of the association and the existing constitution remains valid”. He also stated that FLC should write a letter to the CPS and the manager if they need a new constitution.

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