AFAS Suspended President, AKOEM, Apologises for Unconstitutional Use of Power


Lawal Maruf

The President of the Association of Faculty of Arts Students (AFAS) who is currently on suspension, Emmanuel Akinyoola (AKOEM), has written a letter to the AFAS legislative council (FLC), apologising for his “unconstitutional use of power”.

In the letter which was dated July 12, 2023, Akinyoola apologised for “exhibiting outright power over the A.G.S of the association on the 21st of April,2023 as a result of him going against management’s (Dean and Sub- Dean) order.”

He promised not to act in such a manner again and he also added that if he is found guilty of any wrongdoing or misconduct in the future, he should be removed by the AFAS Legislative council. It should be recalled that the FLC had earlier rejected the apology letter written by AKOEM for not including this.

“I promise not to act in such a manner again and If found guilty of any misconduct or wrong doing in the future, I shall be removed from office by the AFAS legislative council, and without mercy”, the letter read.

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