Is the Sought-after Change in UI Sports in View?


Veronica Giwa

The erstwhile Sports administration has come and gone; whether it did or did not do its best is a story for another day. Meanwhile, the Student Union’s Sports Director’s office has a new leadership, and some AFASites have expressed their opinions on this and the future of UI sports.

From the opinions gathered by the AFAS Press Organisation, the students believe that there seems to be a promising future for UI sports.

When Kolawole Akintomiwa, AFAS Sport director, was asked if the new UI sports administration looks promising, he answered in the affirmative,

“Yes, it does. The signs are there.”

“It’s still early days anyway, but the UI sports director has put out a clearly defined plan to make people more involved in sports. He has put out representatives for every sport available on campus and a means of contacting them. There is also an increase in awareness and publicity.” He added.

Olasoji Precious, a 300-level student, believes the current administration is more promising than the former.
“Yes I believe so, the reason being that they’ve had the opportunity to learn from the previous administration as they’ve been in the system too. Also, they’ve had enough time to prepare and plan out things during the break, and from what I hear, they’ve got a lot lined up to take Sports in UI a step higher”.

A student who preferred to be anonymous has a slightly different opinion.

She said, “I don’t think I can give an opinion on the new one yet. I haven’t seen what they’re capable of”.

She, however, gave an opinion on the erstwhile UI sports administration.
“They weren’t terrible, I guess. For the Dean’s Cup, I followed the football matches and it was okay. I do not know about other sports though. I was going to play Scrabble, but it was short notice for the department to gather and train players. I probably wouldn’t have known Scrabble had been added as a new sport if I wasn’t told personally.” She said.

“There wasn’t much awareness for me”, she concluded.

Christopher, a 400-level student, in his view, said “Well, this administration has not started anything on sports yet, but they’re planning a football competition and till then we will know, but for now, let’s keep watching”.

Do you think the sought-after change is here?
We leave you to make your conclusion, as the administration progresses.

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