UI SRC Makes Recommendations on the ‘State of the Union’


Lawal Maruf

The Students’ Representative Council (SRC) University of Ibadan, on Saturday, October 7, made recommendations during the sitting in a bid to resolve various challenges confronting the student populace.

Following the several comments that trailed the presentation of the ‘State of the Union’ by the Students’ Union President, Samuel Samson Tobiloba (Host), during the plenary session held at the SRC chamber, the house agreed that there should be an official release concerning the union stance on the introduction of new fees.

According to a representative from Mellanby constituency, Hon. David Ogunjobi, a general meeting should be called for, where the school management will tell the students about the fees that are to be paid and the students would have the opportunity to express their grievances.

“There should be a meeting where the management will address the student populace on the payment of the fees. Students need to hear from the management by themselves, and with this, the trust the students had lost in us will be regained. It will also serve as an avenue for the students to show their grievances”, he said.

Hon. Babatimehin Peace who represented the “interests that may not be adequately represented in the council” requested a call for congress to solve the issue of miscommunication between the union and the students and to also chart the course for the next line of actions.

The Faculty of Science representative, Hon. Tioluwani, charged the union to make an official release on its stance regarding the fees that are not on the school portal.

“There should be an official written document from the union as regards the union stance on the laboratory levy, faculty levy and department levy”, he stated.

Also, bothered by the increase in transportation fee to Obafemi Awolowo hall, Hon. Komolafe Oluwapelumi noted that the union should adopt an effective mode of communication to the members of her constituency when the issue is resolved, while Hon. Akinola Emmanuel from Nnamdi Aziwke hall requested that hall chairpersons should be invited to the house to “give their candid opinion on the increase in price of food in cafeterias”.

The motions regarding the adoption of the state of the union, an official release concerning fees that are not on school portal, and an official report regarding town hall meeting with the management within 72 hours were passed by the house.

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