Countdown to Chaos: An Observation of the Trend of Entertain in the Second Semester


It is the beginning of another exciting semester. But it’s not just any semester; it’s the second semester. It’s that semester where every student gears up for the whirlwind of activities that swamp the semester. Usually, all faculties, especially the prestigious Faculty of Arts, bombard the semester with various roasters of lively events, engaging activities, parties, and an overall social scene. Seeing that the new semester coincides with the beginning of a new year, every event promises to make the upcoming year memorable.

The environment of the faculty is usually charged with excitement as students eagerly await the kick-off of the second semester. And it’s definitely not because they are eager to resume classes, far from it, it is usually because the faculty is always set to come alive with a myriad of entertainment options. It is true that first semesters also see their options of activities, yet they are no match for those of second semesters.

Even without much effort, the faculty always witnesses a surge in student entertainment trends. The latest music hits, viral dance challenges, and social media trends dominate the scene. Added to this mix is the effort of every AFAS executive body to throw better parties than the previous tenure. They plan events such as themed parties, movie nights, and talent shows.

The faculty is not the only centre of events, however. Every department, looking to outdo the other, is also on its toes, adding various events to its agenda. The popular purpose of these events is to provide a welcome break from the rigours of academic life. But do they?

While discussing this observation with a 400-level student of Theatre Arts, she excitedly remarks, “Second semesters are always a blast! I thought I was the only one who noticed. There’s just this entertainment energy in the air, and no matter how you try, you’ll be caught in the excitement somehow. And considering my course, I can’t even escape them because my department is like the life of the faculty. From the various departmental activities to the grand faculty parties, dinner parties, and elections, there’s always something happening. It’s like a non-stop carnival of fun.”

This has established that second semesters, indeed, are filled with activities. But, amidst the revelry, another sentiment was raised by another student from the faculty. In her claim, second semesters tend to slip away too quickly because of the numerous events they are filled with.

“Time really flies in the second semesters,” she started. “Before you close your eyes and open it, welcome back parties have become test week. In another wink, the staged plays, costume parties, and everything else have become exam week.”

A few other students agreed with this sentiment. They exclaimed how incredible the flight of time often is during the second semester. One moment, they are in the midst of social events and interactions and caught in the midst of activities, the next minute, they are knee-deep in exam preparations, and the semester is over in a flash.

And so while it is true that the busy activity schedule of second semesters, filled with parties, hangouts, handovers, and a myriad of events, leaves little room for boredom, certain students are of the claim that they do more harm than good when considered from the academic perspective.

From farewell parties for outgoing students to the handover ceremonies for student organizations, each day is packed with excitement and social engagements. The electoral processes that mark the semester are also at the forefront of events, as well as the annually hosted debate competition, Jaw War, whose preparations begin in the first semester; the campus is usually replete with predictions and expectations throughout the period it runs.

However, despite the rapid pace of the semester and the various “distractions” these activities pose, other students have stated their opinions on the matter, which can be summarized as this: “Every student of the University of Ibadan should be keenly aware of the importance of balancing academic commitments with social activities. Even in the school anthem, we know UI is concerned with giving us deep and sound knowledge. What’s the use if you can’t find this balance?”

So it is important to remain prepared as we countdown to the chaos of second semesters. Indeed, the entertainment scene is incredible during this time, but it is equally important to stay focused. The key is to enjoy the experiences while ensuring that academic responsibilities are not neglected.
Fasten your belts and let the entertainment and academic semester begin!

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