We Welcome you to a New Semester….


1. We know you’ve missed your dear AFAS Press board terribly.

2. ……And you can’t wait to feed your eyes on our juicy, informative and entertaining articles.

3. …..After the huge workload and stress of the last semester.


4. …..With exams coming so fast than you expected.

5. …..So you have to read in between enjoying Sallah meat.

6. For the fortunate ones, you ended your exams in the month of August, so you have few days to yourself before resumption.

7. ….While some of us had to write first semester exams in a new semester.

8. ……And resume for a new session almost immediately.


9. ……With thoughts of your first semester exam results.

10. However, let’s enjoy the new semester with all the joys that accompanies it.


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