By Poe

The department of Economics held her 60th anniversary recently at the faculty of The Social Sciences large lecture theatre.

The event, titled ECONOMICS AT IBADAN: A JOURNEY OF 60 YEARS, was to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the department, now the faculty of Economics.

The event proceeded with a welcome remark given by the dean of the faculty of economics, Professor Bankole. His speech was centered principally on the importance of the faculty not only to the university community alone, but to the country at large. He also stated with nostalgia, how the department began, and how and when it became a faculty. He commended the dignitaries and the students for making it to the lecture. He also laid a platform for the speaker to build on, which was the historiography of the department, now the faculty of economics.

The event continued with the lecture by the guest lecturer, Prof. Iwayemi. His speech centered fundamentally on the beauty of the department, and how it has grown from its formation in 1958. He went through all the hurdles the department faced and how much of greatness still awaits the faculty.

The speaker ran through the importance of the faculty to the human society. Economics according to him is not just a faculty for numbers, but a faculty of great reason and logical and critical evaluation. In his speech, he commended the university administration and the government of Nigeria for taking kin interest in the department.

Prof. Iwayemi ended his speech with the thought that, ‘economics is the beacon for a greater and more prosperous tomorrow’.

The event ended with a closing remark given by Dr. Oyeranti. He praised the speaker for his apposite and accurate lecture. He thanked all and sundry for coming to the lecture.

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