By Afolasade Ola

Following the emergence of Micheal Awoyemi, president of the National Association of Students of English and Literary Studies (NASELS), as the Council of Presidents and Secretaries(CPS) new leader, he has strongly laid claims to a new era of jurisdiction that will not be joking with any honourable or executives in the faculty.

This he stated in an interview session with the press after the CPS election that held on Thursday, 25th July, 2019.

According to him, the new administration will be taking any representative office more seriously and ensuring that these offices upon due election are responsible and accountable to members of the association.

“As I stated doing the election, our main goal which is representation is that we will be taking any representative office more seriously. We are not joking with any honourable and we are not joking with any executive member from any department. President and secretaries will be more responsible for any kind of honourable they present to the FLC, and at such any honourable member who is not elected by the association will most likely be pulled out until due process is done because according to the constitution, every level is a constituency. Therefore, being an honourable in AFAS will no longer be based on pickings but by official elections and they would be monitored seriously”.

Speaking on the inactiveness of the CPS in previous era and notions of being perceived an emerging powerful organ, Awoyemi commented on their role and how they are committed to serve responsibly in that capacity.

“We are not coming as the most powerful organ of the association but as the most responsible in the faculty. We are responsible for every member in the association. I will be holding presidents responsible for the behavior of any member of the association. On the other hand, we are going to bridge the gap between the FLC, the executives and AFASITES. We are not coming to display power; we are coming to make things work in the most effective way. We are not coming to tell anyone we are powerful but we will make sure that our constituencies are well catered for and we need no constitution to make sure that our honourables should be responsible and accountable”.

In his final words, the president of the department of English ensures all students of a good association as the baton of leadership has been handed over to him and therefore implores students to be responsible, accountable and effective in their post of duty.

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