“One of the criterions for winning the competition was pushing tickets. I almost got raped in the process of trying to sell tickets OLAYINKA OLOOWOKERE-WILSON, this week AFAS celebrity.

AFAS Press: Did you choose music or music chose you?

Yinka: Music chose me. I wrote JAMB three times but wasn’t shortlisted for admission so I decide to study Music in Poly Ibadan before I proceeded to UI to get my degree in Music. Growing up, I wanted to be an actress but there was the myth that to be an actress, I had to sleep with so many people but I wasn’t interested in doing that. I am an extrovert and used to talk a lot. I was told that I could channel my energy into something productive like journalism. Then, I began to target mass communication. My POST UTME score was not high enough to study mass communication in Poly Ibadan so I decided to go for music technology and come to UI to study C.L.A. I decided to go for my internship (SIWES) at UI radio (Diamond fm). It was at this time I discovered that journalism was not what I thought it was.

AFAS Press: What motivated your signature; your hair?

Yinka: Growing up, I was always made to go to hairdressers that would put my head in between their legs. I really hated this even though I was only seven at that time. I always wanted to go to hairdressers who would make me sit on a chair. Then one day, I was asked to go make my hair. I decided to go to a salon where the hairdresser wouldn’t put my head in between her legs. I did but I got home late. By the time I got home, everyone was already looking for me. My mom was so pissed and I had to cut my hair. That was the last time I made my hair.

AFAS Press: What musical instrument do you play?

Yinka: I play the flute. In Poly, I used to play the base guitar.

AFAS Press: What else do you do apart from schooling?

Yinka: I model and I have an ushering agency. I started modeling professionally in 2014. I started with Pageantry. I have contested in eight Pageantry competitions. I am not a conventional model. I am not my hair. I went for face of Western Nigeria. One of the criterion for winning the competition was pushing tickets. I almost got raped in the process of trying to sell tickets. So I decided to stop selling tickets. I lost in that pageantry due to this. It was then that I realized that there was no free and fair pageantry.

AFAS Press: Do you plan to go into full time pageantry after school?

Yinka: No. And that is where Willdivahs Ushering Agency comes in. I started this agency in 2017 and got it registered in 2018. I love how my body is now. I wouldn’t want to start trimming down for a modeling job. This does not mean that I cannot still do commercials. I am growing older and my focus and priority is changing. Right now, I am interested in every honest money making strategies that comes my way. I love business and I love money so I am always all for business.

AFAS Press: Final words to AFASites

Be comfortable in your own skin. Don’t feel insecure about yourself. Whatever hustle you find yourself doing, do it well and love your own self.

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