Students’ Reactions To The UI Virtual Learning


The University of Ibadan finally resumed the 2020/2021 academic session on 22nd of

February, after almost a year of suspending academic activities due to Covid-19

pandemic and ASUU strike.

As announced by the University’s authorities, the first semester is purely virtual and

students are not provided accommodation in school hostels. However, three full weeks

have passed and to the dismay of students, lectures have not commenced, and the

virtual system is not without some hitches.

AFAS Press decides to ask AFASites if they have faced any problem with the virtual

system so far, what they feel about the system itself, and the delay of lectures.

CLA 300lvl

Well, the only difficulty I had while logging in is network. There’s no strong

coverage for network over here. The other one is a minor problem. I had an issue

with remembering the password I used. But that got solved quickly than I

expected. To be honest, I’m kinda indifferent to this delay of lectures. The longer

it takes, the less agitated I get. I guess I’m getting used to UI being too slow, lol.

I tried to join the virtual discussion with the 300 level students and like I said

before, the network is quite bad. It keeps logging me out.

I think it(virtual system) should be sustainable. In fact it must be after all the time

spent on preparation. Some schools are going virtually and I guess some of them

are doing well. If they can, so can UI, emphasis on the way tooo long time it took


Religious studies


Logging in to the portal is a huge challenge, as at present, I am yet to login. I

downloaded the Moodle app and to access it is a problem, keeps showing ‘try

again’. Concerning the delay of lectures, I would say that up till this moment, I am

sure that there are still some lecturers who have not really believed this online

lecture of a thing coming through and therefore, are not prepared for it. Let me

tell you my mind, UI does not have what it takes to do online classes…infact,

most students are still trying hard to survive this shock and some lecturers too.

Ok, it was decided that classes would be online without making ready the

necessary things needed for it, without even considering most students who will

find it difficult to buy the demanding data after paying #10,000 for technology fee

which is of no help to our online classes from home. Concerning the delay in

lectures, I feel everybody is not ready for this right from the onset… starting from

ITEMS, Lecturers, students and everyone in this. Either it is loading….

processing….try again!… webpage not available…. infact, I am frustrated already!

I’ve not attended any virtual classes yet, but hope to attend one on Monday

evening, just hope it turns out hitch-free.

The system is not sustainable because the hiccups are already visible even

before the start of the system; and I just hope it doesn’t tell on most students

especially the freshers.

Igwe Amarachi Nneka
European studies. 200lvl

Yes I had issues with logging in to required portals, it kept saying incorrect

credentials. It’s obvious this system is not helping at…I mean network wise. I

don’t even understand this LMS stuff. I’m tired..confused and super frustrated.

Aniemeke Prisca
English 200lvl

I’ve not been able to login to my LMS or my Moodle app for days now. And, I’ve

not been able to keep up with the classes, like I’m not even sure what courses to

take or when the classes would hold.

I think the system isn’t sustainable at allllll. It’s been three weeks and it’s not

working, how long will it take before it starts working effectively? I’m not sure UI

will be able to handle this virtual class system.

Oluwafisayo Saka


200 Level

I couldn’t log in for a while. It has worked out now. I can also pay now.

I’m very frustrated right now because I’m tired of reading without a direction. I

haven’t attended any class but I’ve heard people say they had issues connecting

to their classes.

I don’t think the system is sustainable. Their plans are not solid. How much data

are we getting? How can we use the platforms? I know they’ve done seminars

but those seminars were just scratching the surface.

Adesetan Adewole

Theatre arts

Final year

I haven’t even tried to log in, but I think work will start when the site is ready.

This virtual thing doesn’t seem like it’s the right to do coz the facility to run it isn’t




300 level

I didn’t encounter any difficulty while trying to log in to portals and the delay of

lectures is not making sense. It (the virtual system) just can’t work.

Igwe Precious
English department 200lvl

The usual problem with Nigerian schools. Difficulty with logging in to these sites

Registration of courses and the rest. It’s not supposed to be a problem, advanced

countries do these things online. But this is Nigeria. All in all, we don’t want virtual

lectures. We want to be in school liveeee

And the system being sustainable? There’s been so many hitches and delays. If

it continues this way, then it’s either they’d have to call off the virtual class or this

semester will be a tragedy. Maybe if they fix these hitches and can actually be

serious with these classes, then we’d scale through.

Olaniyi Esther
Linguistics and African Languages, 200lvl

The portal took time to get updated. It kept bringing your student status isn’t up to

date. Also, the delay of lectures is annoying and displeasing. I’ve not attended

any classes.

I don’t think the virtual system is sustainable due to possible data issues, network

issues, clashing classes, (if it were to be physical classes, you could shift from

one class to the other but not with online lectures).

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