Efe Ikhenaode

I once saw a meme about how UI was closer to the sun that earth itself. It is laughable if you ignore how stupid that statement is. The fact however remains that the campus sun seems to be of a different breed than what we are used to at home. It doesn’t mean we won’t go about our duties and get lots of A’s. It just means we should be extra protected from the sun, not just because of cases of sunburn but also because the radiation can be cancerous and therefore harmful to our health.
So as a well-meaning student. I have some tips and hacks to help you beat the heat.

Wear Sunscreens

It is unbelievable when guys think using sunscreens is a ‘girly thing’. I believe sunscreen is of top priority as they don’t go against your personal style, are super easy to apply and are also student-budget friendly. Having surplus melanin doesn’t make your skin any less vulnerable to the sun’s radiation. We need that extra layer of protection.

Wear Shades

Shades of any kind can also be the difference between burn and no burn. Sunshades, face cap, bucket hat, summer hat, umbrellas etc. Basically any portable shade. However, we love fashion and these accessories tend to ruin outfits, so one way to beat the heat and still slay is to get them in earthy colours like black, brown , grey etc, and if you’re the bold type you can always go for a bright pink or red. It is your call!

There are also other ways, but I can’t conclude this article without mentioning my favorite method of cooling off after a day of classes and trekking. Fizzy drinks!!! Not malt, not yoghurt, not fruit juice. One cold, almost iced bottle of Pepsi (my personal favorite, not those weird colored ‘things’. No offence). Fizzy drinks are not so healthy, but this is about the sun innit? And there’s no better way to cool off than to take them. But then, that’s MY way.

So there you go my fellow AFASITES. The academic workload is already too much heat to handle. Let’s give the sun a run for its heat!!!

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