Super Four on hold: What next for AFAS sport?


Veronica Giwa

As far as sports in the faculty are concerned, resumption from the strike started with hopes and expectations of significant development in sports. One very notable and specific expectation is the anticipation of the inter-level football competition which is an initiative of the now suspended sports director. In his own words, this competition is to “have less rivals among ourselves” at the departmental level. On further inquiry on the expectation of the commencing of the competition (inter-level), the sports director’s expectation is for the sport to take place around the fourth or the fifth week, of which he was so optimistic on the approval of the competition, as he said: “we have the money”.

However, as things unfolded, the budget never got to be presented. At first, the House pointed out a series of omissions that cannot be overlooked in the budget. Nevertheless, the house further explained its reasons for the decision (which is contained in a previous publication).

The budget was to be presented the following sitting. However, instead of the approval of the sports budget in the next FLC sitting, what came up was a letter from the executive, reporting the Sports director for being absent on 6 (six) different occasions (3 virtual, 3 physical) during the executives’ meetings. The house then decides to investigate the Sports director and put the Super 4 on hold.

The Developments

The situation on ground now is that the Sports director has been suspended from his office, and has been asked to submit all documents related to the office.  On the other hand, the FLC has created a three-man ad-hoc committee to look into the impending suspension of the Sports Director within 7 days. As of now, the matter still is that the Sports director has been asked to step down as well as submit all the properties of the faculty with him until a report is submitted after 7 days to decide the way forward.

 What next for AFAS sport?

This translates to all sporting activities being put on hold as a result of this development. Activities that have been slated to hold at an anticipated time won’t go as planned. We will have to keep our fingers crossed and watch what comes next after the investigation.

Arising questions

The questions now are:

Will this new development not affect sporting activities in the faculty?

Will these issues be sorted out within a week so that sporting activities will resume again?

As the academic calendar is short, will sporting activities not clash with academic activities?

And what is the fate of the much anticipated inter-level competition?

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