AFAS Executives Declare LLT Open for Night Reading


Olanshile Ogunrinu

As part of efforts to aid nocturnal studying activities of students, the Executives council of the Association of Faculty of Arts Students (AFAS) has on Wednesday declared the faculty’s Large Lecture Theatre (LLT) available for AFASITES for night reading.

In the statement signed by the President, Hon. Akinyoola Emmanuel and the PRO, Oluwaseun Oluseye, it was announced that the toilets in the facility will be available for use while urging AFASITES to make proper use of the toilet to avoid being shut by the management or the excutives.

AFASITES are also required to bring any form of identification whenever they want to use the LLT for night reading. Speaking to AFAS Press, Oluseun Oluseye, AFAS PRO said the move is a pointer to the commitment of team Altruism to Afasites’s academic excellence.

“We wrote to the Sub-Dean on opening of the LLT for Night Reading because AFASITES are requesting for it, we organized tutorial for students especially freshers on Saturdays and Sundays. We have always engaged them in information related to their academics such as course registration, payments of school, e-books and others,” he said.

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