Faculty of Arts Library Reopens after Extensive Renovation


Olanshile Ogunrinu

The executives of the Association of Faculty of Arts Students Association has announced in a statement released on Saturday, September 2, that the faculty library is now open for students’ use.

In the statement signed by the Faculty’s President, Olaniyi Esther, and the Director of Information and Publicity, Omotosho Temitayo, it was announced that the library which had been inaccessible in the past years because of ongoing renovation works is now open for use.

According to the release, there are modalities to use the library. One of them is that students are only allowed to read in the library, and they cannot pick up any of the books available in the library for now, until proper documentation is made by the Faculty Librarian.

Students are to also bring their KDL card along with them as a means of recognition for the meantime, and freshmen who have not gotten their KDL card should come along with any means of student identification.

The statement ended with a request to organisations that would like to donate books that the library is open to donations and such organisations are to contact the Faculty Executives.

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