“Although I Posted on my WhatsApp Status, I did not Mention FLC and the Faculty of Arts”—  Hon. Olalusi Susan Reacts to her Suspension from AFAS FLC


Lawal Maruf

The suspended honourable member representing History constituency, Olalusi Susan, has described her indefinite suspension by the AFAS Faculty Legislative Council as unfair because she did not appear before a disciplinary committee.

She said that she had not violated any part of the constitution because she did not mention FLC or Faculty of Arts in her said “unprintable words”.

“That was a very unfair suspension because I was not called to any disciplinary committee. Although I posted on my WhatsApp status, I did not mention FLC and the Faculty of Arts. I could have been talking about the Students’ Union or any other person,” she said.

While reacting to the news of her suspension on Monday, she explained to AFAS Press that the issue that led to her suspension erupted during the discussion around the financial status of the association which hinders the activities of the faculty, in which a member of the House suggested that AFAS dues receipts be made a prerequisite for the signing of course forms in order to compel students to pay the basic dues.

“They said that some people are yet to pay their basic dues and it is really affecting the progress of the faculty. Someone made a suggestion that they should involve the Sub-Dean to compel students to pay their basic dues,” she said.

Dissatisfied with the suggestion, she said that she rejected the suggestion alongside two other honourable members, while other members suggested that students should be encouraged to pay the basic dues.

“Two other honourable members and I felt that the suggestion was not okay because we are representing the students, while other honourable members suggested that we should encourage the members of our constituencies.”

Due to the dissenting voices, she recounted that the House adopted a motion according to the differing opinions and she and five other members voted against the suggestion, while five more members voted to get the Sub-Dean involved on the issue. Following the vote, she  explained that the Deputy Speaker “intentionally” overruled the vote.

“The Deputy Speaker said that he intentionally did not put that vote into a motion because he knew he could overrule it, which he eventually did. He has no right to tell us to go and write solutions before the end of the sitting.”

Responding to the claims that she stormed out of the house, she stated that she took permission from the House to leave for the Jaw War debate after a new vote had been conducted in which 8 members supported the motion to involve the Sub-Dean and 3 people opposed it.

“He properly put the debate into a vote and eight people voted in support while three people opposed it and the motion became effective. When the motion had been adopted, I had to leave to attend Jaw War, so I took permission from the Chief Whip and I bowed to the Mace before leaving.”

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