I will usher in a new era where every student’s voice is heard and respected – AFAS President 


The newly inaugurated president of the Association of Faculty of Arts Students, Olamilekan Adeniyi “Mojuba” has assured AFASites that his administration will usher in a new era where every student’s voice is heard and respected.

The president said this in his inauguration speech which was made available to AFAS Press recently, where he affirmed his commitment to fostering a transparent and selfless leadership in the association.

“I take this opportunity to address the challenges faced by students in the previous session, particularly regarding the compulsory purchase of journals and concerns about fee hikes. I appeal to the Faculty management to advocate for student interests in university decision-making processes”

“In light of recent developments, I want to emphasize the importance of renovating our Large Lecture Theatre, which is overdue for maintenance. Additionally, I urge the Faculty management to prioritize listening to our concerns regarding the repair of facilities within the Faculty. Specifically, some electrical sockets in our classrooms and at the Nescafe Garden are in poor condition, along with ceiling fans in certain classrooms. With the support of the Faculty management, I am confident these issues will be addressed during my tenure,” Mr Mojuba said.

Going further to address the issues being encountered by AFASites especially under the previous administration, the president promised to tackle the problems ranging from the “delays in receiving basic dues receipts due to bank issues and the Faculty Secretariat often being inaccessible.”

Addressing issues concerning paucity of funds in the association and low participation from AFASites in the events of the association, the president encouraged AFASites to pay their dues promptly and actively engage in the events organized by Team NEW ERA.

As promised in my manifesto, all packages will be distributed before the end of the session, split into two batches to ensure timely delivery to all paying students: one at the end of the first semester and the other at the end of the second semester.Rest assured, AFASites, your welfare is our top priority, and we are committed to fulfilling our promises to you.”

The president ended the speech by appreciating AFASites for their contributions during his electioneering and assured them of his accountability and openness.

Let us move forward by building bridges, promoting inclusivity, and leaving a lasting impact on our association’s legacy.”

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