Just In: Arrested Protesting Students Freed 


Students of the University of Ibadan, Nice Linus, Aduwo Ayodele and Mide Gbadegesin and renowned human rights activist, Adeyeye Olorunfemi, arrested by the UI security unit, Abefele, and transferred to the Oyo State Operation Burst Headquarters earlier today has been freed.

Their release is coming after the intervention of civil movements like the Take it Back Movement, Education Rights Campaign, Concerned Students Against Tuition Fees and others.

Recall that the students were demonstrating peacefully against the recent increment in fees at the University of Ibadan during the inauguration of the newly elected students union executives when they were arrested.

Speaking to  AFAS Press, Nice Linus, one of the arrested students described the arrest as a reason why students must continue to amplify their voice for a better and affordable quality education.

We can never be deterred by this arrest and this is more reason for us as students to continue to lend our voice to the struggle. Fees must really fall unless the effects will be unquantifiable on us as poor students,”

The move by the university to also victimized us as students for simply asking for something basic is also anti democratic and unexpected in a citadel of learning where freedom and human rights should be respected,” Nice said.

Reflecting on how the arrested students were brutalized, she described it as barbaric.

“It was not even the soldiers that beat us, it was UI security Abefele that descended on us in a very barbaric manner, it was five to one person. You need to see the way Aduwo was assaulted.”

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